At each commit sha GitVersion will calculate:

e137e9 -> 1.0.0+0
a5f6c5 -> 1.0.1+1
adb29a -> 1.0.1-feature-foo.1+1 (PR #5 Version: `1.0.1-PullRequest.5+2`)
7c2438 -> 1.0.1-feature-foo.1+2 (PR #5 Version: `1.0.1-PullRequest.5+3`)
5f413b -> 1.0.1+4
d6155b -> 2.0.0-rc.1+0 (Before and after tag)
d53ab6 -> 2.0.0-rc.2+1 (Pre-release number was bumped because of the tag on previous commit)
b5d142 -> 2.0.0+0 (2.0.0 branch was merged, so master is now at 2.0.0)

This is just a small sample of the way GitVersion works. The idea is you just plug it in and you will get sensible version numbers by default. We support the following branch types ootb:

  • master
  • develop
  • hotfix/
  • feature/
  • pull requests (stash, github and a few others)
  • support/
  • release/

If you have other branch types GitVersion is entirely configuration driven, so check out the Configuration section of the readme to understand how to make GitVersion work for you.


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