Why use GitVersion?

GitVersion makes versioning woes a thing of the past. It looks at your git history to calculate what the version currently is. I have seen and used many different approaches in the past, all have downfalls and often are not transportable between projects.

It solves:

  • Rebuilding tags always produces the same version
  • Not having to rebuild to increment versions
  • Not duplicating version information in multiple places (branch release/2.0.0 already has the version in it, why do I need to change something else)
  • Each branch calculates its SemVer and versions flow between branches when they are merged
  • Pull requests produce unique pre-release version numbers
  • NuGet semver issues
  • Build server integration
  • Updating assembly info
  • And a whole lot of edge cases you don't want to think about

Advantages vs other approaches

Version.txt/Version in build script

  • With version.txt/build script, after the release you need to do an additional commit to bump the version
  • After tagging a release, the next build will still be the same version

Build Server versioning

  • Cannot have different version numbers on different branches
  • Rebuilding will result in a different build number (if using an auto incrementing number in the version)
  • Need to login to the build server to change version number
  • Only build administrators can change the version number