Hint: While documentation and help use / as command prefix the hyphen - is supported as well and is a better alternative for usage on *nix systems. Example: -output json vs. /output json


Below is the output from gitversion /help as a best effort to provide documentation for which arguments GitVersion supports and their meaning.

Use convention to derive a SemVer product version from a GitFlow or GitHub based

GitVersion [path]

    path            The directory containing .git. If not defined current
                    directory is used. (Must be first argument)
    init            Configuration utility for gitversion
    /version        Displays the version of GitVersion
    /diag           Runs GitVersion with additional diagnostic information
                    (requires git.exe to be installed)
    /h or /?        Shows Help

    /targetpath     Same as 'path', but not positional
    /output         Determines the output to the console. Can be either 'json',
                    'file' or 'buildserver', will default to 'json'.
    /outputfile     Path to output file. It is used in combination with /output
    /showvariable   Used in conjuntion with /output json, will output just a
                    particular variable. E.g. /output json /showvariable SemVer
                    - will output `1.2.3+beta.4`
    /l              Path to logfile.
    /config         Path to config file (defaults to GitVersion.yml)
    /showconfig     Outputs the effective GitVersion config (defaults + custom
                    from GitVersion.yml) in yaml format
    /overrideconfig Overrides GitVersion config values inline (semicolon-
                    separated key value pairs e.g. /overrideconfig
                    Currently supported config overrides: tag-prefix
    /nocache        Bypasses the cache, result will not be written to the cache.
    /nonormalize    Disables normalize step on a build server.
    /verbosity      Specifies the amount of information to be displayed.
                    (Quiet, Minimal, Normal, Verbose, Diagnostic)
                    Default is Normal

# AssemblyInfo updating

                    Will recursively search for all 'AssemblyInfo.cs' files in
                    the git repo and update them
                    Will recursively search for all project files
                    (.csproj/.vbproj/.fsproj) files in the git repo and update
                    Note: This is only compatible with the newer Sdk projects
                    Specify name of AssemblyInfo file. Can also
                    /updateAssemblyInfo GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs as a shorthand
                    If the assembly info file specified with
                    /updateassemblyinfo or /updateassemblyinfofilename is not
                    found, it be created with these attributes:
                    AssemblyFileVersion, AssemblyVersion and
                    Supports writing version info for: C#, F#, VB

# Create or update Wix version file

                   All the GitVersion variables are written to
                   'GitVersion_WixVersion.wxi'. The variables can then be
                   referenced in other WiX project files for versioning.

# Remote repository args

    /url            Url to remote git repository.
    /b              Name of the branch to use on the remote repository, must be
                    used in combination with /url.
    /u              Username in case authentication is required.
    /p              Password in case authentication is required.
    /c              The commit id to check. If not specified, the latest
                    available commit on the specified branch will be used.
                    By default dynamic repositories will be cloned to %tmp%.
                    Use this switch to override
    /nofetch        Disables 'git fetch' during version calculation. Might cause
                    GitVersion to not calculate your version as expected.

gitversion init     Configuration utility for gitversion

Override config

/overrideconfig [key=value] will override appropriate key from 'GitVersion.yml'.

To specify multiple options add multiple /overrideconfig [key=value] entries: /overrideconfig key1=value1 /overrideconfig key2=value2.

To have space characters as a part of value, value has be enclosed with double quotes - key="My value".

Double quote character inside of the double quoted value has to be be escaped with a backslash '\' - key="My \"escaped-quotes\"".

Following options are supported:

  1. assembly-file-versioning-format
  2. assembly-file-versioning-scheme
  3. assembly-informational-format
  4. assembly-versioning-format
  5. assembly-versioning-scheme
  6. build-metadata-padding
  7. commit-date-format
  8. commit-message-incrementing
  9. commits-since-version-source-padding
  10. continuous-delivery-fallback-tag
  11. increment
  12. legacy-semver-padding
  13. major-version-bump-message
  14. minor-version-bump-message
  15. mode
  16. next-version
  17. no-bump-message
  18. patch-version-bump-message
  19. tag-prefix
  20. tag-pre-release-weight
  21. update-build-number

Read more about Configuration.

Using override-config on the command line will not change the contents of the config file GitVersion.yml.

Example: How to override configuration option 'tag-prefix' to use prefix 'custom'

GitVersion.exe /output json /overrideconfig tag-prefix=custom

Example: How to override configuration option 'assembly-versioning-format'

GitVersion.exe /output json /overrideconfig assembly-versioning-format="{Major}.{Minor}.{Patch}.{env:BUILD_NUMBER ?? 0}"

Will pickup up environment variable BUILD_NUMBER or fallback to zero for assembly revision number.

Example: How to override configuration option 'assembly-versioning-scheme'

GitVersion.exe /output json /overrideconfig assembly-versioning-scheme=MajorMinor

Will use only major and minor version numbers for assembly version. Assembly build and revision numbers will be 0 (e.g.

Example: How to override multiple configuration options

GitVersion.exe /output json /overrideconfig tag-prefix=custom /overrideconfig assembly-versioning-scheme=MajorMinor

Example: How to override configuration option 'update-build-number'

GitVersion.exe /output json /overrideconfig update-build-number=true

Example: How to override configuration option 'next-version'

GitVersion.exe /output json /overrideconfig next-version=6