Version Sources

GitVersion has a two step process for calculating the version number. First it calculates the base version, which is then used to calculate what the next version should be.

The logic of GitVersion is something like this:

  • Is the current commit tagged
    • Yes: Use the tag as the version
    • No: continue
  • Calculate the base version (highest version from all the sources)
  • Increment version if needed based on branch config
  • Calculate the build metadata (everything after the +) and append to the calculated version

Version Sources

Tag name

Returns the version numbers extracted from the current branch's tags.

Will increment: true

Version in branch name

Returns the version number from the branch's name.

Will increment: false

Merge message

Returns the version number of any branch (with a version number in its name) merged into the current branch.

Will increment: depends on the value of prevent-increment-of-merged-branch-version


Returns the value of the next-version property in the config file.

Will increment: false

Develop branch

For the develop branch, i.e. marked with is-develop: true

  • Returns the version number extracted from any child release-branches, i.e. those marked with is-release-branch: true
  • Returns the version number of any tags on the main branch

Will increment: true


Returns the version number 0.1.0.

Will increment: false


Want more ways to increment the version? Open an issue with your idea and submit a pull request!