GitVersion has a few requirements that needs to be met in order to be able to produce a version number. These requirements are enumerated below.


The local (checked out) repository, either on a developer computer or on the build server, needs to adhere to the below requirements.


The repository needs to be an unshallow clone. This means that the fetch-depth in GitHub Actions needs to be set to 0, for instance. Check with your build server to see how it can be configured appropriately.

Main branch

The repository needs to have an existing local master or main branch.

Develop branch

For some branch strategies (such as Git Flow), a local develop branch needs to exist.


If using a GitVersion.yml configuration file, that file should be checked out otherwise it won't be found by GitVersion and default config will apply.


Git Branch

If it is ambigous which reference (branch or tag) is being built, which is often the case on build servers, the Git_Branch environment variable needs to be defined and set to the reference being built.