MyGet Build Services has built-in support for GitVersion and is encouraging you to leverage GitVersion + GitFlow to produce Semantically Versioned packages.

  • Create a custom build script: we advise to run a tool like GitVersion in a pre-build script, so that it can set additional environment variables for the actual build script. MyGet by convention automatically picks up any of the following file names as pre-build script:
    • pre-build.(bat|cmd|ps1)
    • pre-myget.(bat|cmd|ps1)
  • Run GitVersion /output buildserver: this will cause MyGet Build Services to set the current %PackageVersion% value to the NuGet-compatible SemVer generated by GitVersion and apply this MyGet Environment Variable wherever it is used during the build process.
  • Ensure the build script has been pushed to your source repository root. Done :)


If you require the AssemblyInfo.cs files in your project to be patched with the information from GitVersion, you will have to run it manually, for example using the command:

call %GitVersion% /updateassemblyinfo true.

Also check for the latest full info.