Continua CI

This guide explains how to run GitVersion inside Continua CI.


This guide assumes a few variables are present in the configuration. Note that this example uses Catel as repository name, but it should be replaced by the name of the repository where GitVersion is running against.

  • RepositoryBranchName => \(Source.Catel.BranchName\)
  • RepositoryCommitId => \(Source.Catel.LatestChangeset.Id\)
  • RepositoryName => Catel
  • RepositoryName => \(Source.Catel.Path\)
  • RepositoryUrl => \(Source.Catel.Url\)

It also requires a few variables which will automatically be filled by GitVersion. The example below are just a few, any of the GitVersion variables written to the output can be used.

  • GitVersion_FullSemVer
  • GitVersion_MajorMinorPatch
  • GitVersion_NuGetVersion

You also need to add a property collector for the agents to detect the GitVersion tool on the agents:

  • Namespace => GitVersion
  • Run On => Agent
  • Type => Path Finder Plugin
  • Property Name => Path
  • Executable => GitVersion.exe
  • Search paths => your installation folder (e.g. C:\Tools\GitVersion or if you are using Chocolatey C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\lib\GitVersion.Portable\tools)

Basic Usage

To run GitLink inside Continua CI, follow the steps below:

  • Add a new Execute Program step to a stage
  • In the Execute Program tab, set the following values:
    • Executable path: \(Agent.GitVersion.Path\)
    • Working directory: %RepositoryPath%
  • In the Arguments tab, set the following values:
    • Arguments: /url %RepositoryUrl% /b %RepositoryBranchName% /c %RepositoryCommitId% /output buildserver
  • In the Options tab, set the following values:
    • Wait for completion: checked
    • Log output: checked
    • Check program exit code: checked
    • Exit code must be: equal to
    • Exit code: 0

Now GitVersion will automatically run and fill the GitVersion_ variables.